City Girl Flock on Film

aka The Chicken Channel


Here are some videos of the City Girl Flock in action.  Truth be told, I can spend all day watching them.  Unfortunately, things like work and chores get in the way.  Newer videos are at the bottom of the page.



The City Girl Flock is now 18 weeks old and Sir William Wallace has finally found his voice!!  I love hearing him crow!!  Thankfully we are far enough away from the neighbors that they probably don't hear him but if they do it's not loud enough to disturb them (at least I hope not).


The City Girl Flock enjoying some free range time in the sunshine.  They love this area of the property.  They love to dig up the mulch.  Too bad they make a mess :(  BTW that noise you hear in the background is My Amazing Husband working on the New Coop :)

November 5, 2014.  It's their first morning in the new coop.  They are now 19 weeks old.